Live Sound Production
for Concerts and Special Events

Who We Are...

Adam EllsworthI grew up watching sound guys set up, helping with my church's sound system, and DJ'ing local school dances when I was still young enough to have a curfew. In high school I began a four-year-career in commercial radio as an on-air DJ and remote broadcast engineer. In college, I started doing freelance audio and lighting work at the local Performing Arts Center for events like the South Dakota Regional One-Act competitions.

In the spring of 2003, I purchased a basic PA system and started helping local independent musicians with small shows - even in backyards and garages. Seven years and nearly one thousand shows later, I've grown to become one of the top live music production providers in the area, with the help of several freelance engineers and stage hands. Along the way we've set the standard for quality sound in venues of any size, by combining technical and artistic skill with a high level of professionalism that's not often found on the club circuit. It's not a coincidence we provide 'lights and sound' for most of the regular music venues in town... we're just really easy to work with."

Adam Ellsworth
Owner/Sound Engineer

What We Do...

IndigenousWe make bands sound good live. We help promoters, venue owners, and festival organizers plan live music events. We provide speakers, microphones, lights... everything but musicians, instruments, and the crowd. We bring it, set it up, run it, and tear it down. We can also handle staging, roof, barricades, and generators. We coordinate with multiple bands if needed to make shows start - and end - on time, and on budget.

It's not cost-effective for most bands to carry a large collection of sound equipment, let alone find someone skilled in operation. Venue owners can't worry about the show, especially during what might be one of their busiest days. (That's where we come in.) We let musicians focus on their performance, and owners focus on their business.

Where We Do It...

Outdoor StageWe travel all over town, the state, and the region. We provide high-quality sound and lighting for street dances, music festivals, private parties, bars, barns... anywhere live music happens. We can work with any artists, from Bluegrass to Hip-Hop, and if they're from the area, we probably already have. You may not have heard of us, but you've probably seen our work!

Why We Should Do Your Event...

Guitarist On StageMusicians and event promoters alike quickly realize two things: this isn't our first rodeo, and we love what we do. A five-band, all-day music festival in a city park is just a typical summer's Saturday. Talk to us and we'll design a show that fits your budget, with more bang for your buck than anyone in town.

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